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Brno City Museum

Muzeum města Brnawww.spilberk.cz

Špilberk Castle

Free entry to the castle precinct. Paid entry to selected permanent exhibitions. Please have coins at the ready.

Last entry to the permanent exhibitions at 23.30

18.00–24.00 Great Castle Courtyard: a programme prepared by the Agentura REX with financial support by the City of Brno focusing on dance, fencing and medieval costumes.


18.00 Apprentices – fencing and the Poustevník theatre company

18.45 Knights in the Castle – children’s competitions – REX

19.30, 22.30 The Cheeky Housemaid – dance drama by the Poustevník theatre company

20.15, 23.15 Medieval bagpipe band Hollóéntek Hungarica from Hungary

21.45 Knights in the Castle – competition for the adults – REX

23.45 Taming the Fire – REX and guests

All courtyards: an old-style market with historical goods, crafts and ample refreshments in taverns. The castle wine room with wine tasting organized by the Moravian Wine Bank.

19.30, 20.30 The Royal Chapel of the eastern wing of the castle: pop songs, folk songs and lesser known songs by young Brno composers performed by the Veritas ensemble, made up of participants and teachers in music courses

Veritas Learning: the core of the group is made up of ukulele players accompanied by brave participants in guitar courses

19.30, 21.30 The Gothic Hall in the Small Courtyard: the AGADIR Theatre of Music and Poetry staging their musical-drama performance of Voices of All Colours, seamlessly blending music and spoken word. The text is originally a humorous word play, with characters taken from the most famous plays by Shakespeare – who appear in unexpected or even shocking situations. The provocative story is accompanied by original songs with lyrics by contemporary Czech poets.


Prismatic Tower of the castle´s eastern wing: teasers for selected exhibitions of the Brno City Museum. Brno College of Higher Professional Education will introduce its restoration and fashion design classes. Demonstrations of restoration of pottery, painting, furniture, woodcarving; creative design and theatre costumes.


South-western bastion: external observatory of the Brno Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium;  weather permitting, a large astronomical telescope will be available, allowing to watch e.g. Jupiter satellites, Saturn rings or craters on the Moon.


The Baroque pharmacy of the Cloister of St Elisabeth in the Small Courtyard — publications on sale at reduced prices


Toy Museum, The Měnínská Gate, Měnínská 7

Open from 18.00–23.00. Last entry at 22.30

Entry to the exhibition is limited to 30 persons at a time.


Historical Toys from the Collection of Milada Kollárová

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