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Jiří Mahen Library in Brno

Knihovna Jiřího Mahena v Brněwww.kjm.cz

Opening hours 18.00—23.00

BrOwSiNg in the Jiří Mahen Library in Brno or Experience the Library with More Senses


Schrattenbach Palace (Central Library), Kobližná 4

18.00 Formal opening – fanfare

18.10 Magic Flashlight / Olga Černá – theatrical performance for children and playful adults, stage reading as part of BrOwSiNg by Lukáš Hejlík and Lenka Janíková

18.45 OSMECTION – funk and jazz played by the music ensemble of pupils from the school at Nám. 28. října in Brno, as special guests students of the Secondary School of Art Management in Brno

19.15 NO FEET – street dance and jazz dance performed by the Brno dance studio

19.30 What Is Blues – musical performance by students of the 2nd year of musical acting at DIFA JAMU in Brno with music accompaniment by D. Klementová

20.00 Beautiful Desperanda, the Terrible Daughter or Justified Revenge for Pride and Vanity – theatrical performance by students of P. Křížkovský Grammar School with performing arts specialization

21.00 ANATOLI – concert by a Greek music ensemble 

21.30 Merci – concert by a Romany dance group

22.00 Gottland / Mariusz Szczygieł – a whirlpool of information and contexts about Czechia in the 20th century which you may never have heard of, stage reading as part of BrOwSiNg by Alan Novotný, Lenka Janíková and Lukáš Hejlík

20.00, 21.00, 22.00 Guided tours of the BaroqueSchrattenbach Palace

Free tour of the exhibitions My Majesty the Book and Photographs by the Brno Photographer Jiří Salik Sláma


Mahen Memorial, Mahenova 8

18.00 The Princess and the Pea – theatrical play by Koráb Theatre

19.45 Útulek Theatre – Browsing through books from childhood. Improvisation

21.15 Singing by Máša Kubátová

22.15 Browsing through the album of Karla Mahenová

Free tour of the permanent exhibition – Jiří Mahen’s Study Room

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