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Museum of the Brno Region

Muzeum brněnskawww.muzeumbrnenska.cz
Opening hours 19.00–23.30

Museum of Moravian Literature, Klášter 1, Rajhrad
19.30, 21.00 The literary programme called Neither a Swan, Nor the Moon, which is a taster for a larger exhibition dedicated to V. Nezval, will be the centrepiece for the poet’s “Moravian” verses and romantic lyrics, as well as his prosodic texts, all of which will be accompanied by a cimbalom band from Čejč

Museum of the Podhorácko Region, Porta coeli 1001, Předklášteří
The museum night will revolve around the main exhibition of the season The Porta Coeli Monastery in the Web of Myths, marking the 780th anniversary of the first written mention of the monastery. Concurrently, guided tours will lead visitors through the Porcelain Dolls exhibition which opens on that day. The guide will be the owner of the collection on display, D. Jurčíková.

Monument of Peace, K Mohyle míru 200, Prace
Reprised concerts in the monument chapel by the Mladost women’s choir with a repertory of Czech and foreign standards. Tours of the principal sections of the museum’s multimedia permanent exhibition The Battle of the Three Emperors. Slavkov/Austerlitz 1805 and the permanent exhibition entitled The Austerlitz Phenomenon.

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