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Moravian Museum

Moravské zemské muzeumwww.mzm.cz

Dietrichstein Palace, Zelný trh 8



The Foundation, Life and Decline of the Medieval Village of Bystřec

18.30 The Argentine Tango – dance show, workshop, live music / lecture room

18.30–22.00 Mr. Swing– swing and dance music of the 1930s and 1940s / courtyard

18.00–24.00 The Moravian Museum souvenir shop and Air Café are open

18.00 – 24.00 Mini Navy Club Midway – presentation of models of ships, aircraft, submarines and tanks from the Battle of Midway / lobby

Galerie Parnas in the Dietrichstein Palace

African Night with an invitation to the exhibition Adventures in Africa through the Eyes of Travellers (22.5.–31.12.2013)

18.00–18.30 Egyptian Dance – performance by an Oriental dancer

19.00–19.30 Cooking show, African food preparation, tasting African specialities

20.00–20.30 Lecture on interesting ethnicities in Africa – Mursi women with lip plates, ceremonies, rituals, photographs. Display of objects. African drummer drumming.

Loga sponzorů Galerie Parnas


Bishops’s Court, Muzejní 1



Botany Known and Unknown

18.00 Grand opening surprise / courtyard

18.00– 21.00 Tubabu – traditional rhythms of West Africa / courtyard


Noble Women’s Palace, Kobližná 1


Cyril and Methodius their life, times and work

18.00 Gaudeamus – choir compositions in Old Church Slavonic / Atrium, foyer

18.30, 20.00 Livada – Macedonian folk songs / atrium

19.00, 20.30 Cimbalom band concert and folk dance instruction / lobby

20.00 Guided tour of the exhibition Cyril and Methodius for people with impaired hearing


Anthropos Pavilion, Pisárecká 5



Invitation to the exhibition Adventures in Africa through the Eyes of Travellers (22.5.–31.12.2013)

Programme in the permanent exhibition:

18.00–22.00 Tomas Machek (Divadlo Líšeň) –  theatrical narrator of African myths and fairytales accompanied by David Synák (Čankišou) on traditional African instruments – kalimba (thumb piano), balafon (traditional xylophone), valiha (Madagascan zither), djembe and n’tama (drums) and Jiří Bouda – kora (African harp), balafon, djembe

19.00–22.00 The Onotopude musical ensemble will provide ethnic music and shamanic drumming to accompany your tour of the permanent exhibitions on the origins of man and earliest culture

Programme in front of the Anthropos Pavilion:

18.00–22.00 Make Your Own Mask – interactive art workshop (not just) for the youngest visitors inspired by traditional masks of African tribes, led by Marika Bumbálková

18.00–24.00 DJ Liquid A – Ethno Music. Thematic interactive musical accompaniment throughout the museum night – a journey through all the styles of Africa backed by film projection

18.00–24.00 A Tearoom in a Yurt – refreshment in the form of tea specialities and traditional hookahs

18.30–19.15 Balafon duo – rhythmic/melodic experience on two African xylophones + special guest playing the djembe drum

20.30–21.30 KoraJungleJazz West African harp kora together with a guitar in a colourful mix of traditional and contemporary music


Leoš Janáček Memorial, Smetanova 14



From the Musical Life of Conductor Břetislav Bakala

18.30–19.00 I’ll Just Pluck Me Some More of That Tansy… singing together folk songs from Janáček’s collections, programme for children

19.30, 22.30 Concert by the Láska opravdivá men’s choir (artistic director Jan Špaček)

20.00–20.15 Guided tour of the exhibition From the Musical Life of Conductor Břetislav Bakala (Ondřej Pivoda – exhibition curator)

21.00 Concert by the Monteverdi kvintet song ensemble (artistic director Ondřej Pivoda)


Throughout the night (apart from the musical performances) there will be screenings of a documentary on Leoš Janáček and an animated version of Janáček’s opera The Cunning Little Vixen

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