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Brno Philharmonic — Guest 2013

Filharmonie Brno www.filharmonie-brno.cz

Komenského náměstí 8


We play at festivals and in concert halls around the globe. We collaborate with celebrated conductors and star soloists. We are one of the largest orchestras in Central Europe. Pay a visit, gratify your soul with the tones of classical music and please us with your presence.

17.00 You will be tuned to the key of the Museum Night by the string quartet of the Brno Philharmonic and a trumpet trio from ZUŠ Smetanova. Courtyard of the Besední dům.

from 18.00 entry every 15 minutes Guided tours of the Besední dům complete with an original concert programme put on specially for the night and a chance to ask anything that you might be interested to know about the Brno Philharmonic and the Besední dům. You will be able to enter what are normally no-entry areas, such as the office of the charismatic chief conductor Aleksandar Marković, or the Hlaholna, a rehearsal room for the Kantiléna choir. You will listen to three original mini concerts. The maximum number of people in a group is 40.

18.00–21.00 Young Geniuses from ZUŠ Smetanova, Brno. A cimbalom ensemble from the Smetanka, chamber ensembles from the Smetanka, a trumpet trio from the Smetanka

21.00–24.00 Musicians of the Brno Philharmonic. A string quartet (Radan Vach – cello, Jakub Výborný and Bohumír Strnad – violins, Otakar Salajka – viola), double bass and cello (Marek Švestka with his brother), flute (Kristýna Vaculová)

18.00–24.00 Video screening …We Are Nearer Than You Think. Music by the Brno Philharmonic in advertisements, American dance competition, in the square …

Free tour of the exhibition The Philharmonic Has a Face. The Brno Philharmonic is one of the largest orchestras in Europe and behind each of the 112 instruments there’s a face.

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