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Moravian Gallery in Brno

Moravská galerie v Brně

Last entry at 23.30

Pražák Palace, Husova 18

Modern and Contemporary Art / Czech modernism and the inter-war avant-garde of the first half of the 20th century
Rudolf Koppitz / staged nudes, landscapes and portraits by one of the most important Austrian photographers of Czech descent
S.d.Ch.: Orbis Varlén and Nothing / quirky humour combining visual art and literature in the form of collages and comics

19.00 S.d.Ch.: Orbis Varlén and Nothing / guided tour of the exhibition

20.00, 22.30 Rudolf Koppitz/ guided tour of the exhibition

19.30, 21.30 Modern and Contemporary Art / guided tour of the permanent exhibition

18.00–22.00 Photographic Studio At Rudolf’s / be photographed with period accessories in the style of Rudolf Koppitz’s images

MG library / you are free to browse through the latest and most interesting publications on art

Museum of Applied Arts, Husova 14

Applied Art and Design / the development and changes in style in furniture, textiles, glassware, ceramics, precious metals
Possible Communications / a collection of works of art for the blind and poor-sighted


Step Back and You’re Closer. He Jinwei and Tomáš Císařovský / contemporary figurative painting from China and the Czech Republic as an effective medium for reflecting the state of society
Jan Calábek. Science, Film and Art to Please the Bees, Poets and Botanists / scientific time-lapse film
Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges / photographs with the taboo theme of nakedness capturing life in naturist communities in the Czech Republic and the USA

18.30 Naturally: Karel Novák – Jock Sturges/ guided tour of the exhibition

19.00, 21.00 Step Back and You’re Closer / guided tour of the exhibition

19.30, 22.00 Applied Art and Design / guided tour of the permanent exhibition

20.00 Videotime / Imagery of the scientific films by Jan Calábek / conference hall

19.30, 20.30 and 21.30 Tai Ji showcase – www.chen-brno.cz  / traditional Chinese martial art as a way to improve the quality of life / courtyard

22.00 S.d.Ch.: Orbis Varlén and Nothing / The World as Croatia and Nothing / a single-act play by Miloslav Vojtíšek – recipient of the Alfréd Radok Award for 2012 / conference hall

18.00–22.00 Magic Glasshouse / art workshop inspired by the film aesthetics of the plant kingdom microworld

18.00–22.00 Sale and sampling of selected Chinese teas / examples of preparing tea in the traditional Chinese Kung Fu style as presented by Chajovna

Governor’s Palace, Moravské nám. 1a

Art from the Gothic to the 19th Century / European art from the 14th to the 19th century

Rhythms + Motion + Light. Impulses of Futurism in Czech Art / capturing and evocation of motion in Czech art in the first third of the 20th century
Holland_retro_style. Dutch Painting of the Golden Age as a Source of Inspiration for 19th Century Art
Do you Have a Gift for Art? / presentation of works by secondary school students from the 4th year of the national competition organized in collaboration with the Moravian Gallery in Brno, the National Gallery in Prague, DOX and MeetFactory / Baroque Hall

18.30, 20.30 Art from the Gothic to the 19th Century / guided tour of the permanent exhibition

19.30, 21.30, 22.30 Rhythms + Motion + Light / guided tour of the exhibition

18.00–22.00 The Magic of Motion / art workshop concentrating on the creation of kaleidoscopes and small motion-based objects

18.30–22.00 An Evening of the Argentine Tango / Tangueros.cz invites you to the beguiling environment of a danceria where you can try the passionate tango – a dance originating from remote South America

Musical accompaniment by ESCUALO KVINTET, special guest Petr Zámečník (accordion)

Original refreshments inspired by the fiery rhythms of the tango
All the MG gallery shops offer special price reductions of publications on art, Brno Biennial jumble sale

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