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Guided tour of the Cyril and Methodius exhibition for people with impaired hearing

The Museum Pedagogy Methodology Centre of the Moravian Museum has organized, in collaboration with Mariana Koutská from Masaryk University and Pavel Kučera from Palacký University in Olomouc a tour of the exhibition entitled  Cyril and Methodius – their time, life and work - in sign language. It is the first part of a broader project focusing on making museums accessible to this “language minority”.

Preparing the guide text in sign language was not easy. New signs had to be created for many words from Christian terminology, not to mention that even the names Cyril and Methodius did not have special signs in the language of the deaf. The guide through the exhibition will be Pavel Kučera whose task involved carefully studying the whole exhibition and selecting interesting events and objects. Deaf visitors will appreciate the fact that the guided tour will be conducted by somebody who also has impaired hearing.

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Article | by Dr. Radut