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The ninth Brno Museum Night is now a thing of the past and we are now looking forward to the jubilee number ten!

The wonderful atmosphere at this year’s Brno Museum Night and your attendance in large numbers left us in no doubt that organizing a unique event of this scale and magnitude means a lot. Where else would you have an opportunity to enjoy such a rich programme in so many institutions as during the Brno Museum Night? We are delighted that even this year we were able to provide the tens of thousands of people who on Saturday the 18th of May headed to the maelstrom of the cultural happenings in Brno with an unforgettable experience and show them the museums, galleries and other cultural institutions come alive even at night. We hope that you will also find your way to us during the year when we will be organizing interesting programmes for you of the same high standard that you were able to see on Saturday the 18th of May in the 16 institutions which were involved in the museum night in Brno this year.

Our photogallery shows what the Brno Museum Night was like in the different locations. If you want to tell us about your experiences, impressions, ideas or improvements for future years, please write to us. Your ideas are an inspiration for us.

In any case, together we can look forward to next year’s Brno Museum Night. In 2014 we will be celebrating its tenth anniversary! And don’t forget that for this year we have also prepared for you free/reduced price tickets in the programme brochure to several institutions which took part in the Brno Museum Night. We will be only too glad to welcome you as our loyal visitors.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you without whom the museum night would not make sense as well as to our partners and patrons without whose collaboration and support the Brno Museum Night could not be that which you have come to expect. We extend our thanks in particular to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the City of Brno and the Brno Public Transport Authority.

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Article | by Dr. Radut