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Photographs by Jiří Salik Sláma in the Jiří Mahen Library

For those of you heading on the Museum Night to the Jiří Mahen Library, you will have the last chance to see an exhibition of photographs by the Brno photographer  Jiří Salik Sláma – the exhibition is included in the BMN programme .

The case of the abused children from Kuřim, documentary photos from the Brno ghetto or the crematorium, important demonstrations in Moravia since 1990 – these are just some examples selected from 30 reportage photos by Jiří Salik Sláma in the exhibition entitled  30 Photoyears. Visitors can see the exhibition for the third and last time from Thursday 2nd till the 18th May in the Jiří Mahen Library at Kobližná 4.     

The photographer will present photographs that were taken from the time when he first picked up a camera, at 6 years of age, to the present. Alongside his well-known and unpublished photos from his professional period (Rovnost, Sedmička, MF Dnes) he has also included in his selection output from the adolescent and “wild youth” days. These include images from demonstrations against minorities, from prison, and from the homes inhabited by the evicted “Čunek’s Romas”. The central focus of the exhibition is his current work for the Brno and Moravian media. Visitors have the rare opportunity to see photographs documenting significant events taking place in Moravia.

About the photographer

Jiří (Salik) Sláma is currently working as a photographer for Mladá fronta Dnes - Brno a Jižní Morava. He started to photograph professionally in 2007 for Brněnský deník Rovnost and then the Sedmička weekly (Brno, Břeclav, Zlín, Jihlava, Olomouc). He has also collaborated with Roma newspapers (Romano hangos, Romano vodi). Given his pre-occupations the photographs are mainly reportage photos documenting the social, political, cultural and sporting life of Brno and South Moravia. His personal “focus” is on photographing minorities and related events.

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Article | by Dr. Radut